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[Fixed] Escape From Tarkov Stuck on Loading Screen


Escape From Tarkov is a popular tactical shooter game, but at times, players encounter issues where the game gets stuck on the loading screen during transitions or logins. This is usually indicated by a black screen or perpetual loading without any progress. If you've faced this issue, check out this blog where we recommend effective solutions to resolve it.



Why is Escape From Tarkov Stuck on Loading Screen?


Common causes of Escape From Tarkov getting stuck on the loading screen include:

  • Network congestion
  • System resource limitations
  • Game or server issues



Optimize Escape From Tarkov Network


If you experience being stuck on the loading screen while playing Escape From Tarkov, it's likely due to network congestion, which may not be immediately apparent. In such cases, trying GearUP Booster can be beneficial. This software has gained popularity among players for optimizing game network traffic. It effectively reduces Escape From Tarkov's ping, minimizes packet loss, and eases network congestion, thereby resolving the issue of getting stuck on the loading screen. Moreover, this professional software doesn't require complex configurations - just simple settings confirmation suffices as its intelligent program handles all optimization tasks in a user-friendly manner.

The standout feature of GearUP Booster in comparison to traditional VPNs is its exclusive focus on gaming traffic with top priority and simultaneous assurance of data privacy and security for all users.


Currently, GearUP is offering a free trial. Follow the provided instructions below to download and experience its effects firsthand.


Step 1: Download GearUP Booster


download GearUP Booster


Step 2: Search Escape From Tarkov.


[Fixed] Escape From Tarkov Stuck on Loading Screen


Step 3: Select Game Server and Node.


[Fixed] Escape From Tarkov Stuck on Loading Screen-img 2


Step 4: Click on the "Confirm" first, and then launch the game.



Other methods


Other methods to resolve getting stuck on the loading screen in Escape From Tarkov include:


1. Checking firewall settings:

  • Access your system's firewall settings.
  • Ensure that Escape From Tarkov is added as an exception or is allowed through the firewall.
  • If not, manually add the game to the list of exceptions to allow it through the firewall.



2. Verifying game files through the launcher:

  • Open the game launcher for Escape From Tarkov.
  • Find and select an option to verify or repair game files.
  • Allow the launcher to scan and fix any corrupted or missing files related to the game.


While these methods may be effective, they are comparatively more complex. For a safer and more convenient solution, GearUP Booster is recommended.



In conclusion, resolving issues related to being stuck on the loading screen in Escape From Tarkov is crucial for seamless gameplay. While there are alternative methods available, using GearUP Booster emerges as an efficient and user-friendly approach that ensures both performance optimization and data security for players.
With these recommended solutions at hand, players can enjoy uninterrupted gaming experiences in Escape From Tarkov.