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How to Fix Destiny 2 Network Error Codes in 2023?


Destiny 2 is a popular online multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Bungie. It offers a vast and immersive game world where players can explore different planets, complete missions, and engage in both cooperative and competitive gameplay. However, like any online game, Destiny 2 is not without its challenges, and players may encounter various error codes during their gameplay.



What are the Destiny 2 Network Error Codes


Destiny 2 has numerous different error codes, each indicating different situations. Here is our compilation:

  • Error code baboon: It occurs when there is a failure to connect to another user's PC/console. This can be due to poor connection quality, so ensure that your home network equipment is set up correctly and free of faults.
  • Error code beaver: Similar to baboon, it is caused by a failure to connect to another user's PC/console. Check your home network equipment for proper setup and fault-free operation.
  • Error code bee: It occurs due to an interruption in your connection, often caused by general internet congestion, insufficient bandwidth in your home connection, or potential failures in your home network. If sharing your connection, ensure no excessive streaming or file-sharing is consuming too much bandwidth.
  • Error code boar: It occurs when your network connection is interrupted for any reason. If you frequently encounter boar errors and use a wireless connection, consider using an Ethernet cable.
  • Error code cabbage: This error may appear if your router is blocking information from the Destiny 2 servers, such as when your firewall restricts Destiny 2 access. A solution is to create a new firewall rule in your router settings specifically for Destiny 2.
  • Error code calabrese: It indicates difficulty connecting to the Bungie servers, usually due to testing or maintenance on the developer's end.
  • Error code centipede: It may occur when you lose connection to your network or if your NAT type is too strict. Bungie provides a network troubleshooting guide to assist in changing your NAT type.
  • Error code chicken: It signifies a lack of internet connection. Check your router or contact your internet service provider (ISP) if issues persist.
  • Error code honeydew: It indicates connectivity issues on the server side due to a high volume of players, usually during new expansions or major updates.
  • Error code marionberry: It appears when there is an issue with your network, typically after a Wi-Fi disruption or changes in network or parental control settings. Try resetting your router by powering it off and back on.
  • Error code moose: It is a general networking error that requires restarting the game and PC.
  • Error code weasel: It is a broad error message indicating a general network issue. In rare cases, it can also signify an account ban if it occurs during an activity.



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How to Fix Destiny 2 Network Error Codes


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By following these simple steps, players can significantly enhance their Destiny 2 gaming experience by reducing network errors and improving overall network performance.


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In conclusion, GearUP Booster is a powerful network optimization tool that can effectively resolve Destiny 2 error codes caused by network issues. With its Adaptive Intelligent Routing technology, GearUP Booster ensures a robust and reliable network connection, providing players with a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience. By following the provided steps, players can easily use GearUP Booster to enhance their Destiny 2 gameplay and overcome network-related challenges.