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What Featured Characters in Genshin Impact 4.4 's Wish System?


With the recent announcement of version 4.4, Genshin Impact has introduced a plethora of new content. As players continue to absorb the details of this update, one question remains prevalent: which characters are featured in the 4.4 wish system? The official announcement reveals that the wish system is divided into two halves, each featuring distinct characters. Let's delve into the details.



What Characters in the First Half of the Wish System?



The first half of the wish system, effective from January 30th, showcases two characters. The five-star character, Xiao, assumes the role of a Wind-element support character, capable of boosting the damage of teammates and enhancing the damage dealt by Wind-element characters. The four-star character, Rosaria, is primarily an offensive character, although her base attack power may not be remarkably high.



What Characters in the Second Half of the Wish System?



The second half of the wish system, commencing from February 20th, presents three characters, one more than the first half. The debut character is Shenhe, a five-star character proficient in Wind-element combat, wielding a polearm weapon with the ability to charge attacks, elevating both attack potency and range. Following is the four-star character, Ganyu, an Ice-element archer known for her remarkable burst capabilities. Lastly, the details about the fourth character, Yunjin, a four-star character, remain undisclosed at present.



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In summary


Genshin Impact's 4.4 update introduces a compelling lineup of characters in its wish system, divided into two halves featuring distinct five-star and four-star characters. From Xiao's Wind-element support abilities to Ganyu's exceptional burst capabilities, players have a diverse range of characters to consider when making wishes. Additionally, for players encountering network lag during the wishing process, GearUP Booster stands out as a recommended solution, offering stable connections and reduced ping. Embracing these character details and optimizing the wishing experience with networking tools will undoubtedly enhance the overall Genshin Impact 4.4 gameplay for all enthusiasts.