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How to Solve Escape From Tarkov 504 Gateway Timeout Error?


Escape from Tarkov is a survival and combat-themed game that has achieved tremendous success worldwide, drawing in many players. However, some players have reported encountering the troublesome 504 error code, displayed as HTTP/1.1 504 Gateway Timeout, which directly results in the game being unplayable. Therefore, this guide will analyze the causes of the Tarkov 504 error code and provide solutions to resolve it.


How to Solve Escape From Tarkov 504 Gateway Timeout Error



4 Methods to Solve Tarkov 504 Gateway Timeout


Here are four effective methods for resolving the Escape From Tarkov 504 Gateway Timeout error:


Method 1: Utilize GearUP Booster

Escape From Tarkov's 504 Gateway Timeout issue typically arises due to individual network problems. For most standard players, tweaking network parameters may lead to unexpected errors. Thus, we suggest employing GearUP Booster—a professional gaming network optimization software that yields superior results compared to traditional VPNs.

This tool not only resolves the 504 Gateway Timeout problem but also minimizes Tarkov's latency, reduces packet loss, and averts various network disruptions. Operating GearUP Booster is straightforward and secure, even for novice players—without compromising privacy or data security concerns.


Step 1: Download GearUP Booster




Step 2: Search Escape From Tarkov.


How to Solve Escape From Tarkov 504 Gateway Timeout Error-img 2


Step 3: Select Game Server and Node.


How to Solve Escape From Tarkov 504 Gateway Timeout Error-img 3


Step 4: Click on the "Confirm" first, and then launch Tarkov.



Method 2: Force Close BSGLauncher

Reddit users have reported fixing the problem by forcibly closing background-running "BSGLauncher" and "Battle Eye Launcher" programs while Escape From Tarkov is open. To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

  • When encountering the error, refrain from closing the game; instead, open the task manager.
  • Terminate the tasks of "BSGLauncher" and "Battle Eye Launcher."
  • After closing these programs' tasks, relaunch the game launcher to check if the problem persists.



Method 3: Check Your Connection

Internet connection issues can trigger various errors. If your internet speed slows or disconnects:

  • Reboot your modem for slight internet relief.
  • Resolve potential problems by clearing your internet cache.



Method 4: Clear Cache Files

Corrupted cache files in Escape From Tarkov can lead to encountering diverse errors; thus, clearing and creating new cache files can effectively address this issue.



In conclusion, encountering a persistent Escape From Tarkov 504 Gateway Timeout error can be frustrating; however, employing these methods offers effective solutions. Whether using specialized optimization software or addressing networking concerns directly by clearing cache files and managing background programs—each approach holds promise in resolving this pervasive issue for a seamless gaming experience.