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5 Best Solutions for Fixing Elden Ring Lag


Elden Ring, developed by FromSoftware, is one of the most anticipated games in recent years. It retains the high-difficulty gameplay of the Souls series while offering an open-world experience. With a lore-rich world crafted by George R.R. Martin, many players have become deeply immersed in the game. In Elden Ring, you will adventure through vast magical lands, face incredibly challenging enemies, and ultimately strive to become the Elden Lord.


The enemies you encounter in Elden Ring are diverse and often more challenging than any you've faced in previous Souls games. This makes the issue of lag particularly critical, as any misstep could lead to an instant defeat. Unfortunately, lag has been a persistent problem for some players. Is there a way to solve this? Absolutely. In this blog, you'll not only learn about the causes of Elden Ring lag but also find effective solutions to fix it.


Part 1: What Causes Elden Ring Lag

Part 2: 5 Effective Solutions to Fix Elden Ring Lag

Part 3: How to Enhance Elden Ring Online Experience


Best Solutions for Fixing Elden Ring Lag





What Causes Elden Ring Lag


Understanding the root cause of Elden Ring lag is the first step in resolving it. Here are some common reasons:

  • Inadequate Hardware: Older or underperforming hardware might struggle to run the game smoothly, causing frame drops and stuttering.
  • Game Settings: High graphics settings can strain your system, leading to reduced performance and lag.
  • Background Applications: Running multiple applications simultaneously can consume system resources, affecting game performance.
  • Hard Drive Performance: Using an older or slower hard drive, like an HDD, can also affect the game's performance. Upgrading to an SSD can significantly improve load and response times.





5 Effective Solutions to Fix Elden Ring Lag


To fix Elden Ring lag, we can try addressing the issue from various angles, including software settings and hardware adjustments. Here are some methods and steps you can try:


1. Adjust Game Settings


Lowering the graphics settings can reduce the strain on your hardware and improve performance.

  • Open Elden Ring and go to the settings menu.
  • Lower settings such as texture quality, shadows, and anti-aliasing.
  • Apply the changes and restart the game.



2. Update Hardware Drivers


Outdated drivers can cause performance issues.

  • Check for updates for your GPU and network drivers.
  • Download and install the latest drivers from the manufacturer's website.
  • Restart your computer to apply the updates.



3. Close Background Applications


Ensure that no unnecessary applications are running in the background.

  • Open Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc on Windows) or Activity Monitor (Cmd + Space and type "Activity Monitor" on Mac).
  • Identify and close applications consuming high CPU or network resources.
  • Restart Elden Ring.



4. Upgrade Your Hardware


If your system is outdated, consider upgrading essential components like the GPU, CPU, or RAM for better performance.

  • Identify the bottleneck component in your system (e.g., GPU, CPU, RAM).
  • Purchase a compatible upgrade.
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions to install the new hardware.
  • Reinstall or update drivers if necessary and reboot your system.



5. Change Your Hard Drive


Upgrading to a faster hard drive can improve your download speed and overall game performance.

  • Check if you are using an older HDD or a slower SSD.
  • Upgrade to a faster SSD.
  • Install the new SSD following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Transfer your game files to the new SSD or reinstall Elden Ring on the new drive.


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How to Enhance Elden Ring Online Experience


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Dealing with Elden Ring lag can be frustrating, but the right tools and adjustments can significantly enhance your gaming experience. By understanding the causes and applying these effective solutions, including using GearUP Booster, you can enjoy a smoother, more immersive journey to becoming the Elden Lord.