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Dead by Daylight PlayStation Server Disconnection | Reasons and Solution


Immerse yourself in the intense multiplayer experience of Dead by Daylight, where players can choose to be either the relentless killer or the cunning survivor. The PlayStation version of the game attracts a significant player base. Unfortunately, many players face difficulties connecting to the Dead by Daylight servers on PlayStation, preventing them from delving into the game and experiencing its chilling atmosphere.



Best Solution to Fix Dead by Daylight PlayStation servers Issue


Connectivity issues with the Dead by Daylight PlayStation servers can stem from various factors, such as server instability or network congestion. To overcome these challenges, we recommend using GearUP Booster, an efficient tool designed to optimize your Dead by Daylight gaming experience. By reducing ping and minimizing packet loss, GearUP Booster helps you overcome congested routes, ensuring smoother gameplay. With its extensive network of global nodes and adaptive intelligent routing technology, GearUP Booster finds the optimal connection path, enhancing your overall network performance. Additionally, GearUP Booster offers numerous other advantages to elevate your gaming sessions.

  • Free trial for new users.
  • Affordable pricing with impressive outcomes.
  • Extensive global network nodes.
  • Utilizes exclusive AIR Adaptive Routing technology.
  • User-friendly software interface.


Step 1: Download GearUP Booster


download GearUP Booster


Step 2: Search Dead by Daylight.


Dead by Daylight PlayStation Server Disconnection Reasons


Step 3: Select Game Server and Node.


Dead by Daylight PlayStation Server Disconnection Reasons-img 2


Step 4: Select the "Confirm" button and follow the setting steps on your console.



Hyperev Game Router for Dead by Daylight


If you prefer a hardware solution to enhance your Dead by Daylight experience on PlayStation without relying on PC Share Mode, consider trying Hyperev, our innovative game router. This device provides a simple and convenient solution by connecting it between your modem and PlayStation device. The dedicated Hyperev app enables one-click acceleration, streamlining the process of optimizing your Dead by Daylight gameplay. With Hyperev, you can enjoy improved performance, reduced latency, and a more stable connection, enhancing your overall gaming experience.



Other Causes of Dead by Daylight PlayStation Server Errors


If you encounter difficulties connecting Dead by Daylight to the PlayStation servers, you can also attempt the following methods alongside GearUP Booster and Hyperev, although they may not be as straightforward and effective:

  • Restart your router: Sometimes, a simple router restart can resolve temporary connectivity issues.
  • Reboot your PlayStation: Refreshing your PlayStation's connection to the network can help resolve minor connection problems.
  • Check the current server status of Dead by Daylight: Visit the official Dead by Daylight server status page to ensure there are no ongoing server issues that may be causing connection problems.





Confronting connection issues with Dead by Daylight on PlayStation can be frustrating, but with solutions like GearUP Booster and the Hyperev game router, players can overcome server connection errors and enjoy a smoother gaming experience. Additionally, don't forget to explore alternative troubleshooting methods. Dive back into the haunting world of Dead by Daylight and embrace the thrill and terror that awaits.