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Can Progress be Carried Over to Diablo 4 Season 1?


Diablo 4, despite being only approximately 6 weeks old, has already seen several improvements by Blizzard Entertainment prior to the start of season 1. However, one of these improvements requires a somewhat inconvenient workaround if you wish to carry over your progress to the Season of the Malignant.



How to Make Your Progress Carry Over Between Seasons


To transfer your progress between seasons, make sure to log in to your main character before creating a new season 1 character on July 20, if you have been playing Diablo 4's pre-season (June 1 to July 18). Logging in to your non-seasonal character is necessary because Blizzard has taken player feedback into account and now allows you to transfer your map exploration and Altars of Lilith collection from your non-seasonal characters to your seasonal characters and future characters.


In order for this information to be applied to your entire account, you must log in with your main character between the new patch on July 18 and the start of the season on July 20. By logging in with your existing character, the game will extend that character's progress to all other characters, both existing and future ones. For example, if the character you log in with has fully explored the map and collected all Altars of Lilith, all your other characters will also have that progress. On the other hand, if your logged-in character has only uncovered half the map and found 20 altars, future characters will start with that data.


Can Progress be Carried Over to Diablo 4 Season 1



What happens if you miss the deadline before season 1?


No worries. According to the Blizzard developers, you can log in to your farthest progressed characters either before or after season 1, as long as it's after the July 18 patch. Each time you log in, the game will check your current character's progress on map discovery and Altars of Lilith. Any new discoveries since the last check will be applied to your entire account.


During the live stream, Blizzard acknowledged that this complex crediting system is not ideal for anyone but was necessary to ensure readiness for season 1. Hopefully, they will address this issue in a future season. Until then, if you log in to a character and find fewer map areas uncovered and fewer Altars of Lilith than on another character, switch characters so that the system can credit you for your previous hard work.



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