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Call of Duty Server Issues & Easy Solutions


There are many Call of Duty server issues trending on internet forums and this article investigates them with possible fixes. 


First, let's go through all of the common Call of Duty server issues can go through these days:


High Ping/Latency: This is the most common problem for Call of Duty players. Ping refers to the time it takes for data to travel between the player's device & the game server. High ping or latency can lead to noticeable delays in gameplay, making actions feel sluggish or unresponsive. Factors influencing ping include the player's internet speed, distance from the game server, & network congestion.


Server Downtime: Scheduled maintenance periods are necessary for server updates, bug fixes, or introducing new content. Unscheduled downtime may occur due to unexpected technical issues. During these times, players are unable to access online features or play multiplayer matches.


Connectivity Problems: Connection issues can arise due to factors such as unstable internet connections, network congestion, or server overload. Players may experience frequent disconnections or struggle to establish stable connections to the game servers.


Server Stability: The capacity of the servers to manage the load and deliver constant performance is referred to as server stability. All players connected to a server may experience crashes, server-side issues, or abrupt disconnections if the servers become unreliable. These problems might impede play and aggravate players.


Regional Availability: In some areas or places, the availability of Call of Duty servers may be restricted. Due to the greater distances between their devices and the game servers, gamers in certain regions may experience higher latency. It may also affect matchmaking, making it more difficult to locate matches with low ping.



How to check the Status of COD Servers?


To check the status, visit the Activision Support official website here: to access the Activision Support page. Find the "Server Status" or "Online Services" section on the Activision Support website to see the server status page. Information regarding the current state of different Activision gaming servers, including COD games, is provided in this area.


Look for the Call of Duty game for which you want to check the server status. To view information about that game's server status, click on it. Once you have chosen the COD game, you can view information about the servers' availability and operational state by visiting the server status page. It will state whether the servers are up and running, having problems, or needing repair.



How to deal with Call of Duty server issues: 


For the problems we stated before, you can try these fixes:


1. Players typically have no choice but to wait for the repair to be finished if the server is offline for planned maintenance. If you want to know when a server will be maintained, keep an eye on the Activision community forums or the company's official channels. Also, if lag is coming directly from the server, you can't do anything either. 


Players often have no control over server stability issues, which are fixed by the game developers. However, you can notify the game's developers of any server stability difficulties by using the proper support channels.


2. High latency issues can be selected by the proper server. Choose the closest server area to you in the game's settings. Your connection to the game servers will be improved and latency will be reduced as a result. This will reduce your chances to get problems with their servers.


3. Make sure your connection satisfies the game's minimum requirements by running an internet speed test. To deal with this issue, we recommend investing in Hyperev, our NAT optimizer dedicated hardware designed for all the famous consoles in the market right now. Getting started with the Hyperev is also super easy: plug into a power source, connect to Ethernet & download the GearUP Console Booster app to complete the configuration in 30 seconds. Expecting more? It is usually used with a router, but you can use it doubles as a gigabit Ethernet Port router with 2.4G/5G Dual Band Wireless connectivity. 



Wrapping Up:


This article talked about the reasons why the Call of Duty server issues happen, how to check them, and how to improve the connectivity. Any persistent issues can be found by checking the server status via authorized channels. A reliable internet connection, shutting down bandwidth-hungry programs, and port forwarding can all help with connectivity problems. It is advised to verify your connection speed and choose the right server region to reduce high ping/latency. Investing in Hyperev might solve your server and lag issues very significantly.