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All We Know about Apex Legends Season 18


Apex Legends Season 18 is highly anticipated by players, and the release date is expected to be August 8, 2023. This prediction is based on the timer displayed for the Season 17 Battle Pass on the menus, which indicates the time until the reward track expires. The timer has been consistently accurate in the past, and the release date of the new season tends to coincide with the end of the current Battle Pass.


Furthermore, August 8 is a Tuesday, which is the day of the week that Respawn typically releases its major content patches. The introduction of a new season usually means players can expect exciting additions to the game, such as a new Legend, fresh cosmetics and skins, balance changes, and other new features.



The changes in Apex Legends Season 18


While it's still too early to know what Respawn has planned for Season 18, there are some baseline features players can expect to see. The new Battle Pass is one of these features, which offers players a wide range of rewards and challenges to complete. The Battle Pass typically includes skins, emotes, banner frames, and other rewards that players can earn by leveling up their Battle Pass tiers.


Additionally, balance changes are an expected feature of each new season, as Respawn aims to improve the gameplay experience for players and address any issues that have been identified in the previous season. For example, Season 18 will introduce changes to the Ranked mode, as the developers aim to address the issue of rank distribution and provide a more competitive experience for players.


All We Know about Apex Legends Season 18


One of the most significant changes to the Ranked mode in Season 18 is the decrease in LP gains per match, which aims to combat the overall shift in the rank distribution. Respawn also plans to introduce a ruleset that applies only to Diamond+ to balance the top of the ladder. Players in these ranked tiers will have increased stakes and losses, decreased rating bonuses and loss mitigations, and an increase in the minimum elimination bonus based on their MMR.


Other changes to the Ranked mode include adjustments to ring timings to create more mid-game encounters and less pre-finale lulls, and updated matchmaking to handle players who are actively challenging their MMR. These changes aim to provide a more competitive experience for players in the higher tiers of Ranked mode.



Apex Legends Season 18 Legend leak - Conduit


Finally, leaked information suggests that Season 18 may introduce a new Legend named Conduit, with unique abilities such as Capacitance, Arc Flash, and Alternating Current. While this is still speculation at this point and subject to change, it's exciting news for Apex Legends players who are eagerly anticipating the new season.



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All We Know about Apex Legends Season 18


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