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Top 5 Best Wuthering Waves Characters


Are the characters in Wuthering Waves leaving you dazzled? Do you want to find powerful and suitable characters to enhance your gaming experience? Actually, it's not that difficult.


Since its release on May 23, 2024, Wuthering Waves has taken the gaming world by storm. With miHoYo's Genshin Impact in a less prominent update phase, Wuthering Waves has captured the attention of many players, earning the nickname "Genshin Killer." Whether the game will ultimately succeed remains to be seen, but for now, players are eager to know which characters are worth investing in. In this article, we will recommend the best Wuthering Waves characters currently available and share tips on how to enhance your gaming experience.


Top 5 Best Wuthering Waves Characters



Top 5 Recommended Wuthering Waves Characters


Although Wuthering Waves introduced over a dozen playable characters in its first official release, not all characters are created equal. Here are the top 5 Wuthering Waves characters worth pulling for, including one upcoming character. If your resources are limited, focus on these characters.



Yinlin, an Electro Congenital Resonator, is set to debut in the next update. Previously known as an outstanding Jinzhou Patroller, Yinlin resembles Yae Miko from Genshin Impact. She is a backline Electro damage dealer whose minions can mark targets, enabling synergy with her skills for coordinated attacks. As you upgrade her, her skills see significant improvements. Without a doubt, Yinlin will be the strongest Electro character in the early versions of Wuthering Waves.


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Jiyan is an Aero Mutant Resonator with high mobility. To unleash his full potential, a certain level of skill is required. Jiyan is the top DPS character in the current version, mainly dealing damage through his ultimate ability, which delivers powerful strikes. His attacks can mark targets, and once these marks are fully stacked, they can be consumed to deal extra damage and enhance skills. Until Yinlin arrives, Jiyan is the must-have character for any player.


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Verina, a Spectro Congenital Resonator, is a support character who excels in healing and boosting damage. According to player feedback, pulling Verina is relatively easy. Her ability to grant immunity to lethal damage significantly enhances the survivability of other characters. Additionally, her skills can boost the attack power and elemental damage of DPS characters. Currently, Verina is the only support character offering both survival and damage boosts. The official selection event includes her as one of the 5-star options, making her a solid choice if you don't have a particular preference.


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Calcharo is an Electro Natural Resonator and the best Electro damage dealer until Yinlin's release. His skills primarily focus on enhancing critical damage and attack power to maximize output. His resonance ability can increase conductive damage, benefiting the entire team. While powerful, Calcharo requires skilled play to ensure his survival and sustained damage output, similar to Jiyan.


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Baizhi is a Glacio Mutant Resonator and, surprisingly, a 4-star character worth recommending. Many games feature an easily accessible yet powerful character early on, and Baizhi fits this role perfectly. Besides Verina, Baizhi is the best support character available. Her abilities enhance healing effects and increase max HP, providing continuous healing. Her fifth-tier resonance skill can remove control effects and instantly heal, crucial for boss fights. Baizhi has a low investment threshold, making her essential for new players.


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In conclusion, understanding which Wuthering Waves characters to focus on can significantly elevate your gaming experience. With our top 5 character recommendations and the use of GearUP Booster, you can enjoy smoother gameplay and maximize your potential in Wuthering Waves. Happy gaming!