GearUP Booster

40010 error


Dear user, given your situation, we recommend you manually select Routing Mode (Mode Three) to boost.


For guidance on how to manually select a node, please refer to the following link.


 If the game you boost doesn't have Mode Three, please take the following steps:


1.Check whether the Base Filter Engine Service is working normally How to do this: Press and hold WIN+R to open the command "Run" box. Enter "services.msc", and press Enter. Find "Base Filter Engine" and check whether it is working normally. If it isn't working normally, you may need to reinstall your system to resolve the issue.


2.Run the following commands First, run the "Command Prompt" as an administrator -Enter "net start hostpacket", press Enter, and wait for the prompt -Enter "net stop hostpacket", press Enter, and wait for the prompt -Enter "sc delete hostpacket", press Enter, and wait to receive the message "[SC] DeleteService Successful"


3.After completing these steps, restart the computer and try to boost again.