Join Our Discord Interview and Share in the $1500 Grand Prize


Hey there gamers!


We want to hear from you! Share your thoughts and experiences with us and we'll give you a $20 Amazon gift card as a thank you!

To participate, simply fill out the information in the format below, and we'll contact you via Discord to arrange a suitable time for the Discord interview.


When is the event?


The event will run from March 17th to April 1st, totaling 15 days.


How do you participate?


To participate, go to GearUP booster client, click the "三" icon on the top right, select "Help Center", and then click "Submit a Ticket". Enter your name, language(s) spoken, game you're boosting, and Discord ID in the format: "Apply to participate in Discord interview | Name | Languages | Game | Discord ID". Click "submit" once done.


e.g. Apply to participate in Discord interview | James Bond | English/Spanish | Overwatch 2 | alex1238#0061




Who can participate?


Every day, we will randomly select five people from among the users who have submitted an application.


What are the interview questions?


All the questions are related to improving our GearUP booster. We'll ask you about your city of residence, the game you're playing and boosting, your internet provider, what motivated you to download GearUP, and how you heard about our product. The interview will take approximately 10 minutes.


When will you receive the award?


We'll send you the $20 Amazon gift card within 48 hours of successfully completing the interview.


How will you receive the award?


We'll send the gift card to your email address.


Do you have more questions?


Please join our Discord channel for direct assistance. Alternatively, you can email us at


Thank you,

GearUP Booster